Hiking Trails & Descriptions

Rainforest walk Trail Options:


Ward Creek Trail (Easiest) – This is a wider gravel trail that has been designated as an accessible trail.  The trail has gentle rolling terrain and is an easy walk for about 30 to 45 minutes.  The round trip distance along this lush rain forest trail is approximately 1 mile. There is a nice waterfall viewing area. This is about at 15 minute drive from the cruise ship docks. This trail is used for our 2 hour tour.

Lunch Creek Trail (Easy to Medium) – This is a well groomed gravel trail. It does have some stairs and up hill / down hill portions. The trail follows Lunch Creek which provides for a very scenic hike for about an hour walk (approximately 1.5 miles round trip).  There is a viewing platform at the waterfall, and nice spots along the creek for photos. This is about a 30 minute drive from the cruise ship docks. This trail is used for our 3 hour tour.

Connell Lake Trail (Medium) – This trail is a little more difficult as there are rocks / roots you must step on and over in some parts.  There are some stairs and up hill / down hill portions along the trail.  There is some uneven ground (roots protruding, and rocks) that you must be able to step over.  This trail starts at Connell Lake Dam and we stop at a nice Creek area to take photos. This is about a 15 minute drive from the docks. This trail can be used on 3 hour tour or custom tour. Update on Trail:  In Spring 2015 there was a landslide across trail.  They have cleared a path through blown down trees and roots, but it is very muddy.  There is also a tree across trail that you have to either go under or climb over.  At this time we do not recommend this trail.

We can substitute one of the above trails for you expedition along as everyone in the group is capable of hiking the more adventurous trails.  The 2 hour tour can only be done on the Ward Creek Trail due to short time constraints.