Customize Your Own Personal Tour in Ketchikan

Great Photo Opportunities on Ketchikan Rainforest Tour

Family Photos

Learn about Alaska Native Culture on Ketchikan Rainforest Tour

Learn about Alaska Native Culture

Explore the Tongass National Forest on a private Ketchikan Tour

Explore the Tongass National Forest

Create your own customized private Tour with just your family or group.  You have many options to choose from.  We will work with you to include locations that your group is interested in. Our guides are local and will be happy to share their knowledge of the area.

Some of the options you can choose from are:

  • Rainforest Walk, and Hiking Trails at Lunch Creek, Ward Creek or CG Beach (see more description under Hiking Trail Options)
  • We have a scavenger hunt for the kids on hiking trails
  • Herring Cove where you have chance to see salmon swimming up stream, eagles are usually abundant and possibly black bears & Seals, (Please keep in mind this is all wildlife and there are no guarantees of sightings) 8 Miles South
  • Rainbow Falls, a beautiful waterfall 10 Miles South
  • Totem Bight State Park (Totem Poles, Clan House with Ocean View Setting) 9 Miles North
  • Potlatch Park (Totem Poles, Clan House, Carving Center, Antique Cars, Gun Museum, Shopping) 9 Miles North
  • Fish Ladder (See Salmon jumping up stream usually in August & September)
  • Totem Heritage Center (View Original Totem Poles saved from Native Villages) Admission Fee: $6.00
  • Southeast Alaska Discovery Center (Museum by Forest Service, learn about the forest, its people, and wildlife)  Admission Fee: $5.00
  • Tongass Historical Museum Admission fee: $6.00
  • Geocaching (treasure hunting with GPS)
  • Ocean View Points
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Local Beach
  • Intertidal zone (see small sea creatures at low tide)
  • Creek Street (Historic Red Light District, visit Dolly’s House and shopping)
  • Salmon Landing (shopping at an indoor mall, restaurants)

Group Size: Maximum of 11

Price: $549 (up to 6 Guests) or $649 (up to 11 guests).  This tour ranges from 3 to 3.5 hours.

Note:  Entry fees to museums are not included

Pair of Bald Eagles on Ketchikan Rainforest Tour

Pair of Bald Eagles


Beach Area on Custom Private Ketchikan Tour

Beach Area