Family Scavenger Hunt

Kids Scavenger Hunt & Geocaching Included!

Bring the kids they can enjoy doing a scavenger hunt and geocaching on our journey into the rainforest.

Scavenger Hunt – Each participant will receive a list of things items to find and mark them off as we see them during our travels.  It’s a great way for everyone to learn about the types of trees and all the amazing nature they are experiencing in the largest national forest.  Prizes included for children.

Try Geocaching – It’s like a treasure hunt. We use  our GPS unit to guide us to a hidden cache.  We can trade small items like pins, key chains or other little trinkets.  If you like you can bring something to trade from your home.  This is great fun for all ages, not just the kids.

Just let your guide know that you would like to do the scavenger hunt and or geocaching.