Geocaching Fun for the Whole Family

Geocaching Fun for the Whole Family

Geocaching is a fun little treasure hunt where you use a GPS unit to locate hidden caches throughout the Ketchikan area.  This can be incorporated into any of our tours.  Just ask if you would like to try it.

Our GPS unit is loaded with coordinates of a cache (different size containers hidden) once we are in the immediate area look around to find the cache (most have a hint to help also).   When you find it, open to see what treasures are there for you to trade (things like pins, little toys, small items) and you can sign the log book.  We recommend bringing a couple of small items from your home to trade.

Please find more information at  You can set up a free account on-line and log all of the geocaches you find.  Some caches might have a Travel Bug or Geocoin, these are trackable gadgets that will have a unique code on it.  If you like you can pick up the trackable item and take it and drop off at different Cache.  It is very important to go on-line at and log that you have taken the trackable and then where you have moved it to.  Some trackables have specific criteria they are trying to accomplish.

Another option is to book a Custom Tour for just your group and we can do our entire tour of stopping at different geocaches around Ketchikan.