3 Hour Rainforest Walk & Totem Park

Scenic Waterfall Viewing on Ketchikan Rainforest Tour

Scenic Waterfall Viewing

Learn About Native Culture

Lunch Creek Trail on Ketchikan Rainforest Tour

Lunch Creek Trail

ECO TOUR Rainforest Walk / Hike and visit a Totem Park in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Our 3 hour tour includes about 45 minutes to 1 hour rainforest walk on Lunch Creek Trail (approximately 1.5  miles roundtrip).  This well maintained gravel trail follows a beautiful cascading creek.  There are some stairs and uphill / downhill portions of the nature trail.   We stop at an amazing waterfall viewing area, which is a great photo op.  Our Ketchikan tour offers an off the beaten path experience in the lush rainforest where you can explore the amazing beauty of Alaska. Venture  along  scenic Lunch Creek with giant Sitka Spruce, Western Hemlock and Cedar Trees towering above you. In season there are Blueberries, Salmonberries, and Huckleberries.  See Devils Club and Skunk Cabbage while learning how these abundant resources were vital to the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian Natives. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to take in the fresh Alaska air out in Ketchikan’s majestic Rainforest.  Many have described this area as magical with all the moss and lichens blanketing the forest floor.  Our Local guide will share knowledge of flora and fauna on the trail.

After our nature hike enjoy a light snack of tasty smoked salmon dip with crackers and bottled water.

We then journey to a totem park where you can step inside a clan house and view the Alaska Native Totem Poles with the Pacific Ocean setting the perfect back drop.  Your local Ketchikan guide will share stories behind the totem poles and the native culture with you.

There are wonderful photo opportunities throughout the tour.   Our local guide will share Ketchikan’s history and knowledge of the area. Escape the crowds of downtown and large bus tours and enjoy a small size tour with more personal attention.  We take a maximum of 11 guests.

Ask about our Scavenger Hunt for the kids or try to Geocaching, it’s like a treasure hunt using a GPS.

Our tour includes transportation to and from the cruise ship dock.  We offer a quality personal tour and work to ensure you enjoy your time in Ketchikan.

Adult: $99.00 (Per Adult)
Child: $69.00 (Children 12 and Under)

Family photos on Ketchikan Rainforest Tour

Family photos

Bridge on Trail on Ketchikan Rainforest Tour

Bridge on Trail

Tracy your Ketchikan Tour Guide with daughter Alexis